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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Canary Browser Has Stopped Working - Will Not Open

Canary browser stops opening try Chrome 64 portable.
Try Chrome 64 Browser

Canary browser can suddenly stop working on some laptops and PCs. There seems to be no fix for this issue. Believe me I have tried everything, old restore points, choosing Windows 8 compatibility, uninstalling/reinstalling both Canary and Chrome - nothing works. Oddly, I have another laptop and PC and Canary browser continues to work on them.
Chrome 64bit portable
Ah well, we will have to move forward. Windows 10 is c..p anyway. Are you aware that Windows 10 has been completely rewritten since the free upgrade. It looks the same but it is as different as IOS. 

I recommend you download and try Chrome 64 Portable. Yes there is a 64bit version out there.

     The download link is on the Portable Apps webpage.

     The direct download link is here

I hope your computing is bug free.
Good Luck!

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

WYSIWYG Webbuilder is Not Compatible With Windows 10

Will not run, will not operate correctly, error, not working
WYSIWYG Webbuilder is not compatible with Windows 10.  It will not operate correctly.  It runs very slowly, does not respond and whites out.  The developers of WB must act soon or they will go out of business.
WYSIWYG Webbuilder 11
If you make a new post in WB community and it contains words such "will not work", "does not operate correctly" and so on it will be removed.  However, you cannot hide or run from the truth.  The software is incompatible.

WYSIWYG Webbuilder it still taking money from people.  They know they are stealing!

The Windows 10 free upgrade was okay.  WB did work with that operating system.  Microsoft has secretly rewritten the whole Windows 10 system.  It looks the same as the free upgrade but underneath, it is absolutely, totally different.

It is possible that WB will be hit with legal action.  If people pay and lock themselves into the WB system they could suffer monetary loss in the near future when they are unable to effectively edit their sites.

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Access Denied You don't have permission to access "http://sdlc

When you try to install Java Runtime environment  by Oracle you will now be hit with this message:

Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #18.6b7d117.1474816754.d96a7d5

This is not a block done by Windows 10.  Though such behavior is notable by Microsoft like blocking the installation of freeware competitors to 365 Word which should be stopped by national trading authorities.  Microsoft has a popup that says the programs will not run on Windows 10.  However, install a freeware word processor using a PC running windows 7, transfer the program folder over to a Windows 10 laptop, create a shortcut to the "exe" file, and it will run perfectly.

Now let's get back to the current issue.  Because of legal problems Oracle must now get an acceptance of its terms and conditions.  You must got to,

Cursor down to "Java SE Runtime Environment 8u102".  Click the little circle next to "Accept License Agreement" in the 8u102 box and the message will change to,

 "Thank you for accepting the Oracle Binary Code License Agreement for Java SE; you may now download this software."

Cursor Down to "Windows x64 Offline".  Download and install Java.

Have a good day!

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Get to Google faster. Update your default search engine. Sure. No thanks. How to Stop it.

There is an easy way to stop getting the,

 "Get to Google faster. Update your default search engine.  Sure. No thanks."

message at the top of the Google start page.

A lot of old stuff still exists out there.  There is an ancient URL for Google that was once used to get to iGoogle.  This URL can be modified to your region and the "Get to Google faster" nuisance message does not appear.

As an example the usual URL for Google Australia is "".  The nuisance nag always shows at the top of the Google page when I start Internet Explorer.

If I use the URL "" as the start page the nag message does not appear, but the normal Google au search page appears.

Just modify the URL for your region.

If you are in the uk use the URL "".

No need to download  Adblock 1.3.10. and enter "##DIV#mgmhppd" as a new filter rule.

Just use the URL as set out above.

There we have it.

Happy Interneting
Internet by Ty Buchanan 

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Adding Your Own Favicon Icon to Your Blogspot Blog Template


If you don't like the new interface - like me - you can just edit the HTML.

Make your 16x16 pic, change it to the ".ico" format and rename it "faviconbyme.ico".

Upload it to the "images" folder on your ordinary website server.

This images folder should be in /public_html/ - the usual place.

Sign into the Blogger Dashboard and choose "Template".

Put the following code (change it to your own website name) above "</head>" .

<type="text/css" /><link rel="shortcut icon" href="" type="image/x-icon" />

Save it and now you have a pretty little icon for users who want to follow your blog.  Users will put your blog URL in their "Bookmarks".

The code,
<link rel="icon" type="image/" href=""/>
could still be in the blog html.  You can leave it or remove it.  Your code will override the microsoft icon instruction. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Favicon icon Blogspot Blog template html code dashboard

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012



Firefox programmers are just as useless as those at Microsoft Internet Explorer. They drink coffee all day and then go home to play with their hardware.

They are paid to do a job then do something else, wasting their work hours away. You would not believe that programmers must be the most absent minded people in the world. They concentrate on putting useless complex things into software that users just will not use, but they forget to cover the basics.

There is a reason why Firefox 14 will not update to Firefox 15. Firefox 14 is installed in a Mozilla Firefox folder in the C: drive Programs Files folder in Windows 7 64bit. Oddly, Firefox 15 is installed in C:\users\name\AppData\local\Mozilla folder in Windows 7 32bit and in the 64bit. You are given no option to change it.

To see the AppData folder go to the "name" folder from "Users" in Explorer. Click "Organize". Click "Folder and search options". Click the "View" tab. Then click the little circle to the left of "Show hidden files, folders and drives".

You will need to access this folder later.

Forget about Firefox 14 in the program folder for the moment. Download a fresh copy of Mozilla Firefox 15 and install it. Mozilla will just leave the old Firefox 14 where it is so you can drag out a fresh shortcut link from the exe file onto your desktop and run both versions. Aren't Firefox programmers clever. Don't tell them - they haven't noticed it yet!

Run Firefox 15 from the start menu or from the new link it "hopefully' put on your desktop. From the word GO you will get a warning band across the top of the page in the browser when you encounter a website with background sound. You will probably get a message telling you that you need to install Quicktime. After you install it you will get the warning again and again. You may get something else - a warning telling you that Quicktime has malfunctioned. Every time you go to a website with sound you will get the same warning. With no sound from Firefox 15 you go to Google, search and find this blog.

It is not a Quicktime problem!


You can go to "Add-ons" and not see Windows Media Player there. Download Firefox WMP Plugin from here. You will probably still not get any sound.

Open this folder: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
(the old Firefox 14 folder)
In another window open this folder:
C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Mozilla Firefox.
Be careful because it may be in a sub,sub folder like,


Copy the "Plugins" folder from Firefox 14 to the folder of Firefox 15.

You will now have sound in Firefox 15. If you have already uninstalled Firefox 14 you can get the files in the Plugins folder from here.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Google Chrome Will Not Play Music

Is the silence of Google Chrome driving you nuts?

I am running Windows 7 32bit on a Laptop and Windows 7 64bit on a PC. Something is really odd about the way Google's installer chooses the destination folder. For example, on my PC running 64bit Chrome is installed in a new Google folder in my C: drive Programs Folder (x86). This is the usual place for almost all programs. On my Laptop running 32bit Chrome is installed in the C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Google folder.

The other odd things is, Chrome on my PC plays background sound on websites and sound on YouTube. My Laptop plays no sound in the Chrome browser. I even copied the folder from my PC onto a memory stick and plugged it into the laptop.

For a while when I clicked the exe file on the memory stick Chrome opened and played music on site and video sound. The folder was also copied onto the Laptop desktop and clicking the exe file there also opened Chrome and it played all sounds.

After 10 minutes, however, Chrome would not open any more. Even copying the folder into the Program Folder did not work.

Your only option is to install portable Chrome and update it manually. It is exactly the same as the "fixed" version and you can even sign in and get your bookmarks installed.

Get Google Chrome Portable from here.

For the direct download click here.

Portable Chrome will play all sound from the word GO.

The exe launcher file for Portable Chrome is in the Download folder where you put the initial download. Leave it there and drag a shortcut to where you want, or mover the whole portable folder to your Programs Files folder and drag a shortcut from there.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Windows 7 Background Wallpaper Keeps Resetting, default, will not work, won't, changes back, same picture, not save

Windows 7 Background Wallpaper
Are you having the problem where however many times you click "Personalize" on the desktop background, make changes, then save it, the computer resets to a "default" background picture when you restart?
Windows 7 Background Wallpaper
The background picture is usually the one with a river going from top left to bottom right with fields either side. It is an ugly and dull background isn't it?
Windows 7 Background Wallpaper
This background is the default for Bing Desktop and you can delete the picture in,
Windows 7 Background Wallpaper
You can even delete the BingDesktop folder. When you reboot guess what? The BingDesktop and Themes folders will reappear with the same picture when you restart the computer.
Windows 7 Background Wallpaper
The AppData folder is normally hidden in the Name folder. You can uncheck the box in the Name folder and then you can see it and browse on down. There is no need for you to do this,
Windows 7 Background Wallpaper
Go to "Control Panel", "Uninstall a Program" and uninstall Bing Desktop.

Just do that and your problem is solved.
Windows 7 Background Wallpaper
By the way dump Google Toolbar as well. This is another nuisance that your computer can do without.
~~~~~Windows 7 Background wallpaper~~~~~

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Make Your Own Shortcut Manager, Making, Icons, Folders, Program, exe files, Software


Users can make their own shortcut manager. You just need to make a link in the taskbar to a folder with links in it. Create a folder in the John Smith folder called LINKS. Right click on the Taskbar. Cursor over Toolbars. Then click New Toolbar and browse to the new LINKS folder and choose it.

To make individual shortcuts more visible on the taskbar just drag new shortcuts from the Desktop to the now visible LINKS (the area under the three horizontal dashed lines on the Taskbar).

Change the icons to ones you like.

Right click on an icon.
Click Properties.
Click Change Icon.
Select a new icon image from the window that opens.
Click OK, Apply, then OK.

In the image shown above, the first five icons are folders.
Change folder icons by right clicking one.
Left click Properties.
Choose the Customize tab.
Click the Change Icon button.
Select a new icon image from the window that opens.
Click OK, Apply, then OK.

If this doesn't work click on Explorer.
Select the LINKS folder.
Then do the same as in instructions 2 above for the appropriate folder you see there.
Close and open the folder icons in the taskbar a few times then the icons pictures will eventually change.

Remember the taskbar is visible all the time, even when you have browsers and writing programs open, so accessing shortcuts on the taskbar is easy.

If you want to order the shortcuts in your own way, just rename them with 1- in front of the name, then 2-, 3- and so on. You will find it easier to click and drag the shortcuts to the order you want on the Taskbar. They will stay where you put them. Shortcuts in folders will have to be renamed with numbers because of Microsoft's silly fixed alphabetical sorting system.

If you want you can create more folders on the Taskbar in the John Smith/LINKS/ folder.

Use names for the folders that suite you like, Accessories, Files, Creative, Media, Internet and/or Web. Just click a folder icon on the Taskbar and the folder opens. Drag shortcuts to the open folder, putting them in each folder according to category.

Oh, I find it better to drag the Taskbar to the right side. This gives you more height to view web pages. Modern screens have too much width. You can learn which icon represents which program by cursoring over the icons - a box with the program or folder name will appear for each icon.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Google Must Be Prosecuted For Charging Non-US Users of Google Voice

Google Gmail offers a new Internet phone service if you have a Gmail Account. There is one thing about running such a service on the Internet; that is it costs nothing for the company providing the service to run. Users pay a local telephone company for access to the Internet from their homes and on their mobile phones. The connection goes through each country via local telephone companies servicing the internet and phone lines.

There is no charge for US Gmail users and a charge per call for those living in other countries. Though it is a small amount it is discriminatory. The Internet goes all around the world like a net. Access to this net is open to anyone. No country charges its population to access the net to other countries. The European furniture company Ikea has already been accused of cross-subsidization for charging different prices for the same products in different countries. The production and even distribution costs are much the same.

Google's discrimination against non-US citizens must be stopped. Legal action must be pursued. Such charging by Google is illegal unless it also charges US citizens. Please comment on this because this is really annoying and should not happen. Google is an international company not a US company.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Windows 8 Is A Disaster for Personal Computers


Windows 8 means more problems for web page designers. What Internet Explorer reproduces in Windows 8 on a personal computer is not what comes out on a tablet. Internet Explorer 10 is the worst culprit. Having IE10 built into Windows 8 with no possibility of going back to IE9 is definitely a nuisance. Text goes right off the background square. On a PC, fonts are either extended too long and go over the background square at the bottom, or there is a line gap under the full stop because text is too short.

Nearly all the other browsers reproduce correctly, except FireFox with the last word on some fonts extending to the next line. This is rare though. Obviously, the problem lies in the operating system itself which is designed specifically for tablets. Personal computers are only of secondary consideration.

There is a "war" going on in the US at the moment over how images will be shown on tablets and even mobile phones. The powers that be are in a battle with professional code writers over what system will be used. This wonderful image system is called Picture Fill. The font problem with Windows 8 will make the fight more complex.

Designers now have to put images onto a web page knowing that in some circumstances fonts may write over the image or go behind it. Windows 8 is being released far too early. It is not yet known whether the new coding will be in HTML5 or left for HTML6. Whichever way it goes Windows 8 will be obsolete.

The new code for Picture Fill put forward by designers has four images being uploaded to the server at four different pixel densities. This is for each image on the web page. The lowest size and pixel strength will be downloaded by small devices. High definition sites on personal computers will download the highest definition image version. This will definitely make download times longer for all systems, and take up more memory on servers.

Your $40 will be wasted on upgrading to Windows 8. The problems are countless. You cannot set up a network in your home because security turns off and prevents access to Windows Firewall. This blocks all attempts at accessing other devices. Many older versions of software keep shutting down despite compatibility settings. You have to give Microsoft your email address and your correct password as you are logged on at startup. They are surely going to look at your email

Stay with Windows 7. It is the last Windows system written exclusively for PCs.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

World Will Lose Greek Heritage

The culture of Greece is at risk and this is where democracy was born, Surely, funding can be found from other countries. National cuts have reduced the archaelogical workforce to a dangerous low level. Up to 50 per cent of workers in total will be dismissed, Just maintaining ancient structures is expensive.

Of more immediate threat are museum pieces, not fixed ancient buildings though illegal diggings are threatening these. museum security guards have been laid off. Armed robberies are increasing. Offical research projects funded from other countries are continuing. but all local digs have ceased as the money is stopped.

Work on ancient walls built in the time of Pericles located under the metro rail line, no longer takes place. The dig is important to understand how the access way from Athens to the sea affected the way the fleet of ships was used during the Peloponnesian War.

There will be a real loss of experienced specialists as they take early retirement. Those left spend all their time in the office as work planning stops. Important scientific papers are not being written, so the world scientific community loses. People are digging holes all over the country to find small antiquities to sell for anything they can get. Income is falling for everyone and a few extra Euros feeds the family. Greek auction houses are getting a lot of the unprovenanced stock which they sell as no "genuine" artifacts are on the market.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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The Problems With Planet Domain Web Hosting, Reviews, Blog.


Planet Domain is a self-assured company, in that it believes in treating customers as it sees fit.  It also offers consumers a product of their own making and expects users to accept their price.  planet domain.
I have been a Planet Domain customer for over six years.  I am really upset at the way they are treating me.  Every year there is a hassle as they get confused over automatic credit card payment and sending out a bill.   They think "We will send them a bill whether they pay that way or they pay automatically, just to p... them off."    planet domain
Every month on the last two or three days my website runs out of bandwidth.  They are trying to make me pay $155 a year too increase my bandwidth. It's $240 for unlimited bandwidth. When I tell them all the other providers give unlimited bandwidth from the very basic package up, they just mumble away with a lame excuse.  planet domain
Planet Domain has an advertised table of Host Plans and a "secret" business system that is not really advertised.  They charge more for a business plan though you don't get anything more than the ordinary plans.    planet domain
They are moving all websites to new servers one at a time.  My turn came today.  The person on customer support told me he would send out a link explaining the delay I would experience.  Furthermore, he would send the link by email, only to my website server.  This was stupid, considering the server is down.  I don't have access to get the link!      planet domain
To put it bluntly their support technicians are second rate.  They can't even take justified customer complaints.  They recently sent me email saying I had no right to abuse them.  Well, with the service they offer they must get plenty of it.      planet domain

Please, take my advice and don't lodge your web hosting with Planet Domain.  I will certainly be changing.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Internet Explorer IE Will Not Play Music, Sound, in Windows 8


You have installed the Consumer Preview edition of Windows 8.  When you go to a web page that has sound you get the message along the bottom of the screen that tells you to install Windows Media Player.  After installation there is still no sound when the web page is refreshed.

The problem is the computer has to be set up with Windows Media Player as default.  There are three stages to this and they must all be done.


1) Check if WMP is on the Default Program list.

Click "Start", "Control Panel", "Programs", "Default Programs" and "Set Your Default Programs".

Check if "Windows Media Player" is on the list. If it isn't, go here.

Welcome back if you had this problem.

2) Set WMP as the default player.

Click "Start", "Control Panel", "Programs", "Default Programs" and "Set Your Default Programs".

Choose Windows Media Player from the list. Click "Set this program as default".

You can go further and choose "Set associations for a program" where you can set a player for each file type.

3) Set Computer Defaults.

Click "Start", "Control Panel", "Programs", "Default Programs" and "Set program access and computer defaults".

Click "Custom" and click the expand information arrows on the right.

Cursor down to "Choose a default media player".

Check "Windows Media Player"

Click "OK".

Turn off Internet Explorer and restart.

Go to a website that has video. A warning message will appear across the top of the page in IE asking if you want WMP to play video. Choose "for all sites".

Internet Explorer will play video on any site now.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Internet Explorer Will Not Play Video Despite Being Set as Default Player, IE, WMP


You have tried just about everything, checking the blogs and web pages, taking their advice and applying it. Nothing solves your problem: Internet Explorer will not play video. You just get a video console on a website with an error message, or the console remains black and blank.

The problem for IE is that it does not install with all the needed plugins. Yes, some basic ones are there, but basic to IE developers is not what is "required" by users. When you buy a car or receive a free gift, you at least expect it to work properly.

Setting WMP as the default player is not enough to make it work on all web pages.


1) Check if WMP is on the Default Program list.

Click "Start", "Control Panel", "Programs", "Default Programs" and "Set Your Default Programs".

Check if "Windows Media Player" is on the list. If it isn't, go here.

Welcome back if you had this problem.

2) Set WMP as the default player.

Click "Start", "Control Panel", "Programs", "Default Programs" and "Set Your Default Programs".

Choose Windows Media Player from the list. Click "Set this program as default".

You can go further and choose "Set associations for a program" where you can set a player for each file type.

3) Set Computer Defaults.

Click "Start", "Control Panel", "Programs", "Default Programs" and "Set program access and computer defaults".

Click "Custom" and click the expand information arrows on the right.

Cursor down to "Choose a default media player".

Check "Windows Media Player"

Click "OK".

Turn off Internet Explorer and restart.

Go to a website that has video. A warning message will appear across the top of the page in IE asking if you want WMP to play video. Choose "for all sites".

Internet Explorer will play video on any site now.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mozilla Firefox Will Not Play Web Page Background Music/Sounds, Firefox QuickTime plugin has crashed, WMP Plugin


There is nothing worse than installing the latest version of a program, namely a browser and having all sorts of problems. When you go back to the previous version you find once again that there were none. With firefox 3 you get that damn inbuilt nag window saying there is a new version. Yes, a new version with problems.

The creators also changed the design: Who wants the black at the top to become transparent when the window is "normal" i.e, half size anyway?

A standard problem with version 10 and later of Mozilla Firefox is that when you go to a website that has background sound you get a warning message saying there is something wrong with the QuickTime Plugin. This is absolutely incorrect. QuickTime is perfectly okay. There is something wrong with your Windows Media Player Plugin.

If you go to "Tools", then "Add-ons" you will probably not see "Microsoft Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin" in there. Furthermore, if you click on "Get Add-ons" you will not find it on the internet either! Firefox creators don't tell you what to do if the standard installation fails to install it. I have installed Firefox 10 on a laptop and on a PC. The WMP Plugin was in the laptop "Add-ons" folder, but not in the PC "Add-ons" folder. Firefox like internet Explorer is becoming a strange monster.


When you install Firefox 10.0 and above, sometimes you get a Plugins folder, sometimes you don't. It is a wonder how it runs without such a folder, but it does. If you cannot see a Plugins folder in the Mozilla Firefox 10 and higher program folder make one
Go to the Program Files folder. Cursor down to the Mozilla Firefox folder. Double click it. Pull the vertical bar on the right side of the open folder down to the bottom. Put the point of the cursor just below the bottom file. Right click. Choose New, and Folder. You will see a new folder named "New Folder". Right click on the "New Folder" and rename it "Plugins". Make sure you use an upper case "P".


Download the Firefox Media Player Plugin from here.

Close all the Firefox browsers you have open and install it.

Open Firefox 10 again and check the "Add-ons" again.

You will probably still not see "Microsoft Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin".

Download the needed dll files from here.

Open the RAR file and copy all of the files there into your new Plugins folder of Firefox 10.

Two or three of the files will already be there if a Plugins folder was installed. Just skip over them.

Close Firefox 10 or indeed version 27.0.1. and check "Add-ons". Again. You will see "Microsoft Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin" in the list.  If Windows Media Player is not on the list this is because the latest version of Firefox has hidden it away.

Enter "about:config" in the Firefox address bar and click the little arrow on the right.  Click "OK" to the message that pops up "This might void your warranty".  There is no warranty anyway.  A list will appear.  Find "plugins.load_appdir_plugins" on this list.  Double click it and the "false" will change to "true"

WMP will be in add-on now!

Restart Firefox.

Go to a web page you know has background sound and you find it will play with no warning messages.  If you still have problems download these extra three dll files from here.  Put them in the Plugins folder as well.

Good luck surfing the Internet.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Reciprocal Link Code Often Has Serious Errors That Mess Up Your Site Ranking

You have to be careful when making reciprocal links. Many websites that offer HTML code for you to use don't spend enough time checking their code.

A site as an example is "".

It offers quite pretty little set ups for you to put on your site. The "feature" even has a search function with a text entry window and a go button.

But beware, the code has dozens of HTML code faults, yes dozens.

If you put this HTML in your web page Google and other search engines will give up when it meets the mass of errors, and the text after the code will not be included in the search. This is bad news for you - your website will rate poorly.

Don't just assume that reciprocal link HTML is correct. Download the Firefox HTML Validator plugin and look at the code before you use it.


Another thing is non-existent reciprocal links. On many occasions whether you ask for a reciprocal link yourself or another site asks you, after you put their link on your page they don't honor their part of the bargain. They just assume you will not check it. Go to and do a check. If they don't put your link on their site remove them from your own website. Furthermore, a link from your homepage is wonderful for the other site, but a link to their link page is useless for you. Nobody clicks on a link to a link sub-page. For a link to count it must be to and from homepages or between internal pages that are rated in their own right by Google. Basically, getting reciprocal links to directories is a waste of time and effort. They have no links on their home page and all outgoing links are on worthless sub-pages.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Open a Torrent File, Opening, Download, .torrent, Program, How Do I

The file ending in ".torrent" is just the file with the download code in it. There are just words in that file.

1. Download and install µTorrent.

2. Search Google for a torrent. Enter the name of a software program and put the word "torrent" at the end.

3. Download the needed torrent file from a website to your download folder.

4. Open µTorrent with the shortcut on the desktop.

5. Left click "File" in the top left of the program screen. Then left click "Add File".

6. Browse to the torrent file you downloaded. Double click it.

7. A "Save As" window will open with the name of the file without "tpb.torrent" at the end.

8. Click "OK". Click "Active" or "Inactive" to see the real program files download.

9. Put the cursor over the program name at the top. Three of these things could happen:

i) Right click on the name, left click "Open" and a WinRAR or WinZip folder with the needed files will open.
ii) After you left click "Open", a window warning of "unknown file" will open. Click "Yes" then install program.
iii) "Open" is grayed out. Double click the program name and a folder will open with all needed files. Install.

Follow all instructions in "README.txt" files in torrent main folder or subfolder. If you want a full working program that is.

Another option is to use Miro.

1. Download and install Miro.

2. Left click on "Sidebar" in the top left of Miro. Left click "Add Source".

3. Enter "" or other source.

4. Pirate bay is now in the list on the left. Click Pirate Bay.

5. Enter the name of a needed software program leave out the word "torrent". It is unnecessary.

6. When you get to the list of files, click one. A description page will appear. Click "DOWNLOAD THIS TORRENT".

7. It will download in the background. Look at the list on the left. You will see "Downloading 1".

9. Click
"Downloading 1" and you will see the download fill the screen with its progress. Click "Misc" on left.

10. In the top right you will see two buttons with lines across them. Click the left one.

11. All downloads will be seen. Click "Reveal in Explorer" on a file. A folder opens with all needed files.

Good Luck.

Installing Adobe Macromedia Shockwave Player for Mozilla Firefox
Installing Adobe Macromedia Shockwave Player for Internet Explorer
Installing Macromedia Adobe Flash Player for Internet Explorer
Installing Macromedia Adobe Flash Player for Mozilla Firefox
Installing a Program to Run SWF Files
Disabling UAC for a Program

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Remove Smartware Drive, Western Digital, WD, External Hard Drive

You have bought a Western Digital external hard drive and every time you plug it in a window pops up and asks if you want to install the automatic backup software.

Now, this is jargon for Western Digital will now put a virtual drive on your computer to automatically backup your files. The problem is no one can understand how it works or how to restore the files to your computer when you want to. Don't waste your time trying to contact Western Digital - they won't respond!

There are two ways around this.

I. Disable the drive so it doesn't show in Windows Explorer or any other file program you have.
  1. Go to "Control". Select "Classic View" in the left panel. Click "System". "Hardware", then "Device Manager".
  2. Click the cross to the left of "DVD/CD ROM Drives".
  3. You will see "WD Virtual CD 1110 USB Device" or similar with a different number depending on the drive you have.
  4. Right click this. Select "Disable" from the list then right click this also. Close all the windows you have open and reboot.

Voilà! The virtual drive is not visible any more.

II. Uninstall the Smartware virtual drive.
  1. Go to "Control". Select "Classic View" in the left panel. Click "System". "Hardware", then "Device Manager".
  2. Click the cross to the left of "DVD/CD ROM Drives".
  3. You will see "WD Virtual CD 1110 USB Device" or similar with a different number depending on the drive you have.
  4. Right click this. Select "Uninstall" from the list then right click this also. Close all the windows you have open and reboot.

The files that you have manually installed on the Western Digital external drive will still be there.

Warning! Do not reformat the external drive. You will lose storage space.

An example of this a 160 GB WD external hard drive. The Western Digital virtual drive takes up 0.650 GB, leaving 159.350 GB of usable space. If you reformat it you will only have 148 GB on the whole external drive. There is an anomaly here but I am not sure what it is. You don't gain any more storage memory by hiding the virtual drive or uninstalling it. Perhaps hiding it is enough. At least you don't see it any more.

A little advice - use Paragon Backup software to store an image of your computer after a fresh Windows install when you have put your main programs on and set everything up as you want. Then in the future when your computer slows down, gets a stubborn virus you can't remove or will not System Restore any more, you can make a fresh start as you want it to be.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

"an add on for this website failed to run" Adsense Adchoice Ad sense Ad choice

Internet Explorer 8 or Internet Explorer 9 show "An add on for this website failed to run" across the top of a web page, then tells you to check "Security Settings".

You check the security settings and try all combinations, but the darn message still appears!

IE8 and IE9 are very poor browsers. Microsoft technicians drink coffee all day long and generally don't know what the public wants, or ignores users complaints.

There is a simple solution that Microsoft clearly doesn't know about. Perhaps they do know and want to leave customers in a state of frustration.


Go to "Tools", "Internet Options", "Security", "Restricted sites", "sites".

Cursor down until you find "".

Remove it. Click "Close". Click "Okay".

It is done. You will have no more problems.

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